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Tank Trouble 2 – Play With Friends

Welcome, and I hope you are enjoying your time playing Tank Trouble 2. The game is really outstanding and it reminds me of my childhood when I was playing Tanks on my Dendi console all day long, it was one of the sweetest memories from my childhood and I really miss those days, I and my cousin used to play it all day long against AI.

Sorry for the little bit of sad nostalgia, but if you were born in the 90s you will understand it as well. So what I like in Tank Trouble is that it took old traditions of the game and added something new and unique to make the game even more entertaining. The battle takes part in the maze again, but the walls of the maze cannot be destroyed with your weapons anymore, walls also serve as an opportunity to ricochet your bullets, imagine the following situation: enemy tank hides behind the wall in the corner, how can you destroy it without exposing yourself? The answer is simple, you shoot your bullets on the wall under a specific angle, your bullets ricochet from the wall and hit your opponent, sounds fun right?

Also, I really enjoy the weapon upgrade system in the game; it is really not exactly like an upgrade, but more like a power-up. You find on the map different icons (they appear automatically once in a while in random locations) and when you pick them up you gain special firepower, it can be a mini-gun, it can be a guided missile, it can be a laser, and things like that. Compared to your ordinary weapons these power-ups are real monsters, make sure that you take it first.

I’m not going to list controls here, you can check them yourself in-game menu, but what I’m going to talk about it, is that in this game you can play in two-player mode and three-player mode. These two modes allow you to play with your friends, but keep in mind that in case of switching between different modes your control buttons are also going to change, so before starting the game check buttons and remember them carefully. In the case of the three-player mode, you will have to use the mouse in order to control your tank and I must say it is kind of uncomfortable, but you can get used to it.

So with that being said, Tank Trouble 2 is a pretty interesting flash game, it involves different modes, different weapon upgrades/power-ups, it involves interesting strategies, and different maps, enjoy it with your friends and double your entertainment.


Play Impossible Quiz Unblocked Online

For most folks who play flash games online, a simple user interface with an addictive essence is the primary requirement. Well, they wish to find something which challenges the limits of their brains while playing the game. Impossible Quiz Unblocked is one of those unique online games which are quite mind-bending and addictive making it almost impossible to stop playing them.

Breaking down, Impossible Quiz Unblocked
This game comprises of some really tricky questions which call for some brainstorming. At times, the answers are more than one and that’s what really increases the complexity of the game. For a majority of avid gamers, getting all of the answers right is an impossible feat owing to the logic tests and the tricky design of each question. This game consists of exceptionally creative questions including math problems and at times, hidden objects. Getting the right answer is the final hurdle but prior to the solution, understanding the problem is the toughest part of this game.

How to play?
Being a flash-based online game, it is quite easy to play. All you need to do is click the right answer using the right mouse button. There is no need for any complicated instructions as this game is a click-and-play one. However, the complexity lies in the question rather than the controls of the game. As a matter of fact, a majority of gamers fail to get even the first 10 questions right in the Impossible Quiz Unblocked game. Interestingly, the choice which appears as the most obvious one is never correct for a majority of cases. Owing to the complexity of the game, a lot of brainstorming and analytical thinking is required prior to the gameplay. The questions hold double meanings, innumerable tricks and several other complexities making it a mind-boggling game.

The Ultimate BrainStormer
This game holds many surprises for its players too. The total number of questions is 110 for this game. Several surprises for the gamers and mini surprise games or mazes are quite common for the game. It is an all-in-one game to boost your thinking power making you analyze the world and problems from a different perception. The primary key to solving the complex questions of this game is imposing an analytical thought process and also good reflexes. However, it also demands clean logic and that is the exact spot where a majority of gamers fail to crack it. Also, play Rooftop snipers unblocked version at for free.


Play Rogue Soul 2 Hacked – Even more fun

What is this game?
Rogue Soul 2 is an intense side runner game. Kill all the enemies and remember to avoid any obstacles in your way! Make sure to collect all the Soulons you find to buy useful things from The Shop. You will also be encountering caged people so don’t forget to rescue them.

Rogue Soul 2

Rogue Soul 2 has simple controls. You can choose if you want to use the Arrow keys or WASD keys. Those are used to move your character left to right and to jump or get down. There are also buttons for Sliding and Throwing. Use J to Slide under objects and press K to Throw projectiles.

For Beginners
You start by completing a short tutorial that will teach you all you need to know about the game. After that you can start your first real level! When you click the level, you will see three objectives that can earn you more points if completed. Don’t worry, you can still finish the level even if you didn’t complete all of them. After every successful level you will earn Soulons, a currency used in the game, that lets you buy many cool things from The Shop. You can buy items like Armor or you can upgrade your Speed for example. These upgrades will help you in the future levels. The game has lots of challenging levels but they will reward you well.

You can change the graphics quality of your game from the Options. Controls are easy to rebind. If you need more challenge to your game, you can turn Fast Mode on in the Options menu. The game has auto-save so you don’t have to worry about saving. There are two other tabs in The Shop: Black Market and Moves tab. You will have lots of awesome things to save your Soulons for. Next to The Shop you will see Skins, there you can buy skins for your character, such as Costumes or Weapons. In the Soul Book you can go and see how many foes you have beaten. If you need any help, there’s a Help tab in the Soul Book.


Hacked = More fun comes from Rogue Soul 2 Hacked which will make this game even more fun than it already is! You won’t have to worry about being stuck on a level anymore. Levels will be fun and easy. You can use good hacks to complete the game or just to have a good time. Rogue Soul 2 Hacked will make your game experience enjoyable even after completing the game. Also if you love mini-games try Idle Breakout for free.


Plazma Burst third version and first glance

Plazma Burst third version and first glance
Who is up to playing some good old shooting flash games? Plazma Burst 3 – is the latest version of the game, with tons of new features and additions, new weapons, new levels, new opportunities and many more.

First of all I have to talk about start menu of the game, where you have following options: campaign, settings, multiplayer, credits, official website and play coolbuddy games. Of course I understand that some of these features are useless for you, so let’s focus on the main things.

Campaign – the very first options and of course the main option is where the story line goes, where you have to examine whole new world of Plazma Burst 3, defeat enemies, kill bosses, get weapons/upgrades and finally finish game.

nearly all weapons from the gameWhile playing you will collect different equipments, some of them are pretty cool and they allow your character to become strong, you may also get different achievements and if you want you can try to complete difficult achievements just for fun.

Campaign also has custom map function. If you will press escape during the game, you will find different buttons, one of them is restart function, if your game doesn’t go so well, you can start over again. You can also change quality of the game (graphics) and controls of the game, just select your preferred buttons and you are good to go.

Multiplayer option allows you to play against other gamers worldwide, as soon as you will click this button in the game, you will be redirected on the official web-site, register your account and join other people for some shooting action fun.

Game controls and graphic settings can be changed from the menu like I have said before, if you have experience of lag just visit this section and lower quality of the game, if you will feel discomfort with buttons, again visit same section and change buttons again.

The game is pretty interesting and fun to play, it has many levels, it has a multiplayer option, an interesting storyline, and interesting enemies as well as weapons and upgrades. Also, try Tank Trouble 3 at



Play Raze 2 – breath-taking gaming experience!

Play Raze 2 - breath-taking gaming experience!
Raze 2 has currently improved its graphics and performance just like Earn to Die flash game. It has eight different challenging stages. The stages have different maps offering special challenges. Each stage will require different approaches and mechanics to successfully finish the level. You can choose to play on the human race or the alien race. These two races have different playing experiences and different sets of weapons.

Controls of Raze 2 Game
In order for you to play the game, you have to use the game’s controls. The following are the controls of the game.

  • a. To pause, press Esc
  • b. The Arrow keys are used to move back, forward, left or right.
  • c. The space bar is used to jump.
  • d. To pick the previous weapon, press Enter.
  • e. The mouse is used to aim and shoot the enemy.
  • f. Key Q and key E are used for cycling your weapons.
  • g. The number of keys is used to pick the weapons directly.
  • h. Finally, the F key is used to acquire special abilities.

How to Play Raze 2 Game
With the controls, you are required to run as fast as possible as you use your weapons to shoot and kill the enemies. Picking up different power-ups and weapons will also maximize your chances of winning because you will use them to kill the enemies. With the weapons, you will be able to escape from the enemy fire, traps and dangerous and scary phenomena and prevent them from obstructing you from achieving your goal. Earn your credits by playing a quick match mode. The more enemies you kill, the more credits you get. The earned credits are used to purchase new character skins, apparatus, armaments and abilities.

Instructions of the Game
You ought to start by first choosing the race you want to play for. Save your character in your account by using the login system. Start the game immediately to avoid wasting time and to increase your chances of heading to the next level. In order for you to move to the next level, you will have to do your best to complete the current stages. In the game, you will not be penalized for poor performance. When you have killed your enemies and completed a level, you will be congratulated for your work and be given rewards.

In conclusion, downloading the raze 2 game would be a beneficial decision for you. It is cheap and affordable. You can play the Raze 2 game for entertainment because it is a good way of preventing boredom.


Information regarding BMX Bike game

BMX bike game is a perfect and addictive game that challenges one to perform many stunts within a given period with an aim of gaining many points possible. The game has two modes that offer option to every fan ranging from the starters to the seasoned pros. With the aim of getting high scores, he/she will find the game to be fun and enjoyable.


INSTRUCTIONS OF THE GAME Experienced game players are advised to begin with “Compete “ mode. In this level, he/she is given sixty seconds to pile up as many points as possible. In this sixty seconds, he/she is required to rack up as many stunts so as to achieve a high score. The difficult level is advantageous since, he/she can perform more than one trick provided he/she times it well. Unlike experienced players, newcomers have a hard time in playing this kind of a game. Starters are recommended to begin with “free” mode and perfect it to “Compete” level in due time. Free modes act as training for beginners. Moreover, the uniqueness of this game having one Ramp makes it easy for starters to be familiar with all the controls and there is no time limit. CONTROL OF THE GAME The BMX games control is fairly standard and is similar to other closely related bike games. He/she is required to use directional keys to control the bike. The up directional keys can also be used to hit and hold so that the bike can accelerate. The right and left buttons are used to make the bike lean while the down key decelerates the speed of the bike. Tricks are performed by pressing one, two or three keys. For new stunts and tricks four and five are used, while the space bar is used to pause the game.

BMX bike game

CONCLUSION This game is interesting to any fan since it has much to offer in that, patience and practice have to apply for the name of the player to appear in the high score list.


Uphill Rush 3

Uphill Rush 3Uphill Rush 3 is a racing game unlike Tetris unblocked, with many crazy vehicles to pilot and courses to explore. As you beat each course, the newer, more difficult courses open. There are two ways to race each course as well, a solo time-trial against the clock, and race mode where you compete against computer-controlled characters. With either model, you are given six lives to make through three events. Miss landing a jump or crash into a wall, and you lose a life.
The controls are simple to learn, as you can go backward and forwards to do tricks, and even spin the vehicle around. The up arrow will accelerate, back for reverse. Your right arrow will lean you forward and the left arrow will lean back. The space bar allows you to jump or do a stunt. The X key is a turbo boost, the P key is to pause the game and the M key displays the map.


Happy wheels unblocked – A game to play

Happy wheels unblocked - A game to playHappy wheels unblocked is packed with ragdoll physics. The characters in the game use mostly unusual and weird vehicles to complete different levels of the game. The game is also well known for its funny death of characters under the weirdest conditions. The character undergoes loss of blood, losing up of body parts when getting hit by the obstacles in the game. You can also create new levels and upload it in the public server of the game so that the other players also get a chance to play the custom levels created by you and as well as other players can also rate your custom level…

-The main objective of the game is to go as far as you can in a particular level without damaging your character and complete the level. The obstacles in the game include deadly traps such as crossbows, arrows, crushers, and many more such traps, making the game complicated, fun and also very much interesting to play. There are also many hidden deadly traps in this game which makes you think about the next movement you do with your character. ONE WRONG MOVE AND YOU ARE DEAD, YEAH YOU ARE DEAD !!!!

-Before you start playing happy wheels unblocked you have selected your character from a wide range of characters such as an old man riding on his wheelchair, a man carrying his son on the back carrier of his bicycle also known as “the irresponsible dad”, you get the character of Santa Claus on his carrier pulled by two men, a couple riding on a moped popularly known as “moped couple” and more funny characters with their unusual and weird vehicles.

Once you select your character and enter a level in the game control your character by using the keyboard keys such as the four arrow keys, ctrl key, the spacebar, shift and the letter ‘Z’.Just be careful of the deadly hidden traps at each level and make your way to the finish line of each level…


Small review of Strike Force Heroes

This is an amazing shooter game that requires the player in control to complete 30 different missions whilst on the run. After each successful run, players are accessed via a star rating system that analyses various aspects of the performance on a particular mission. In between missions, a player can collect numerous unlockables such as deadly weapons and additional characters.

The soldier that the gamer controls is able to perform a series of movements such as walking, running, jumping, and crouching, all through the use of either the W, S, A, and D arrow keys on a conventional keyboard or the equally effective left, right, up and down arrow keys.

Strike Force Heroes

Interestingly enough, the makers of this game were able to incorporate a creative feature. Not only does the soldier have the ability to run, jump and shoot at targets, as the player in control also possesses the ability to use what is called a cover system, which results in them being able to stop, analyze the current situation, and plan their forthcoming moves accordingly. This, therefore, gives the player more control over situations occurring in-game!


Review of the Eagerly Anticipated Raze 4

Review of the Eagerly Anticipated Raze 4Raze, the popular online action game, is back with a bang with Raze 4. The new version is packed with even more levels, more customization options and more achievements. This means it is full of even more excitement that will ensure a player will spend hours playing non-stop. All he or she has to do is shoot down opponents in order to win lots of gold. Below is a review of the eagerly anticipated Raze 4.

Instructions for Playing:

As is the case with previous versions, this version of Raze is made up of an Aliens mode and a Humans mode, in the same manner, you can see different modes in Super Smash Flash 2 game which can be downloaded and played in offline mode. The good news is that this version has a brand new mode called the Zombies mode. All a player has to do is fight his or her way through the Aliens and Humans mode in order to unlock the Zombies mode. The player then has to kill all the enemies so as complete the achievements and earn loads of gold. He or she can use the gold to buy new gear, upgrade weapons, and also unlock newer abilities inside the shop.

The key controls in Raze 4 are just like those of the previous versions. A player can use the “A”, “D”, “S” and “W” keys to move his or her character around the map. The player can also use the arrow buttons. Aiming and shooting one’s weapon is done using the mouse. To make the character jump, all the player has to do is press the spacebar. He or she can toggle through weapons by pressing the “Enter” and “Shift” keys, the “Q” and “E” keys, or the digits 1 to 0 on the keyboard. This task can also be done using the mouse wheel. If the player wishes to pause the game, all he or she has to do is press the “P” button.

Game Levels:

There are more levels in Raze 4 when compared to earlier versions. For example, there are more than 20 levels in the Humans campaigns for the player to complete. Every one of these levels consists of four difficulty modes: ‘very easy’,’ easy’, ‘hard’ and ‘nightmare’. The initial ten levels in the Humans campaign are perceived as the tutorial levels. It is in these levels that the player gets to learn Raze 4’s basic concept, a number of abilities, and how to use weapons.

As soon as the player has completed all the levels found in the Humans campaign, he or she can unlock the Aliens mode. The mode has more than 15 different levels as well as four difficulty modes. When the player completes the Aliens campaign, he or she can unlock and move on to the Zombies mode. The player comes face-to-face with hoards of zombies in the mode, and can complete the game by killing all of them.