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Information regarding BMX Bike game

BMX bike game is a perfect and addictive game that challenges one to perform many stunts within a given period with an aim of gaining many points possible. The game has two modes that offer option to every fan ranging from the starters to the seasoned pros. With the aim of getting high scores, he/she will find the game to be fun and enjoyable.


INSTRUCTIONS OF THE GAME Experienced game players are advised to begin with “Compete “ mode. In this level, he/she is given sixty seconds to pile up as many points as possible. In this sixty seconds, he/she is required to rack up as many stunts so as to achieve a high score. The difficult level is advantageous since, he/she can perform more than one trick provided he/she times it well. Unlike experienced players, newcomers have a hard time in playing this kind of a game. Starters are recommended to begin with “free” mode and perfect it to “Compete” level in due time. Free modes act as training for beginners. Moreover, the uniqueness of this game having one Ramp makes it easy for starters to be familiar with all the controls and there is no time limit. CONTROL OF THE GAME The BMX games control is fairly standard and is similar to other closely related bike games. He/she is required to use directional keys to control the bike. The up directional keys can also be used to hit and hold so that the bike can accelerate. The right and left buttons are used to make the bike lean while the down key decelerates the speed of the bike. Tricks are performed by pressing one, two or three keys. For new stunts and tricks four and five are used, while the space bar is used to pause the game.

BMX bike game

CONCLUSION This game is interesting to any fan since it has much to offer in that, patience and practice have to apply for the name of the player to appear in the high score list.


Small review of Strike Force Heroes

This is an amazing shooter game that requires the player in control to complete 30 different missions whilst on the run. After each successful run, players are accessed via a star rating system that analyses various aspects of the performance on a particular mission. In between missions, a player can collect numerous unlockables such as deadly weapons and additional characters.

The soldier that the gamer controls is able to perform a series of movements such as walking, running, jumping, and crouching, all through the use of either the W, S, A, and D arrow keys on a conventional keyboard or the equally effective left, right, up and down arrow keys.

Strike Force Heroes

Interestingly enough, the makers of this game were able to incorporate a creative feature. Not only does the soldier have the ability to run, jump and shoot at targets, as the player in control also possesses the ability to use what is called a cover system, which results in them being able to stop, analyze the current situation, and plan their forthcoming moves accordingly. This, therefore, gives the player more control over situations occurring in-game!