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Play Rogue Soul 2 Hacked – Even more fun

What is this game?
Rogue Soul 2 is an intense side runner game. Kill all the enemies and remember to avoid any obstacles in your way! Make sure to collect all the Soulons you find to buy useful things from The Shop. You will also be encountering caged people so don’t forget to rescue them.

Rogue Soul 2

Rogue Soul 2 has simple controls. You can choose if you want to use the Arrow keys or WASD keys. Those are used to move your character left to right and to jump or get down. There are also buttons for Sliding and Throwing. Use J to Slide under objects and press K to Throw projectiles.

For Beginners
You start by completing a short tutorial that will teach you all you need to know about the game. After that you can start your first real level! When you click the level, you will see three objectives that can earn you more points if completed. Don’t worry, you can still finish the level even if you didn’t complete all of them. After every successful level you will earn Soulons, a currency used in the game, that lets you buy many cool things from The Shop. You can buy items like Armor or you can upgrade your Speed for example. These upgrades will help you in the future levels. The game has lots of challenging levels but they will reward you well.

You can change the graphics quality of your game from the Options. Controls are easy to rebind. If you need more challenge to your game, you can turn Fast Mode on in the Options menu. The game has auto-save so you don’t have to worry about saving. There are two other tabs in The Shop: Black Market and Moves tab. You will have lots of awesome things to save your Soulons for. Next to The Shop you will see Skins, there you can buy skins for your character, such as Costumes or Weapons. In the Soul Book you can go and see how many foes you have beaten. If you need any help, there’s a Help tab in the Soul Book.


Hacked = More fun comes from Rogue Soul 2 Hacked which will make this game even more fun than it already is! You won’t have to worry about being stuck on a level anymore. Levels will be fun and easy. You can use good hacks to complete the game or just to have a good time. Rogue Soul 2 Hacked will make your game experience enjoyable even after completing the game. Also if you love mini-games try Idle Breakout for free.


Small review of Strike Force Heroes

This is an amazing shooter game that requires the player in control to complete 30 different missions whilst on the run. After each successful run, players are accessed via a star rating system that analyses various aspects of the performance on a particular mission. In between missions, a player can collect numerous unlockables such as deadly weapons and additional characters.

The soldier that the gamer controls is able to perform a series of movements such as walking, running, jumping, and crouching, all through the use of either the W, S, A, and D arrow keys on a conventional keyboard or the equally effective left, right, up and down arrow keys.

Strike Force Heroes

Interestingly enough, the makers of this game were able to incorporate a creative feature. Not only does the soldier have the ability to run, jump and shoot at targets, as the player in control also possesses the ability to use what is called a cover system, which results in them being able to stop, analyze the current situation, and plan their forthcoming moves accordingly. This, therefore, gives the player more control over situations occurring in-game!