Review of the Eagerly Anticipated Raze 4

Review of the Eagerly Anticipated Raze 4Raze, the popular online action game, is back with a bang with Raze 4. The new version is packed with even more levels, more customization options and more achievements. This means it is full of even more excitement that will ensure a player will spend hours playing non-stop. All he or she has to do is shoot down opponents in order to win lots of gold. Below is a review of the eagerly anticipated Raze 4.

Instructions for Playing:

As is the case with previous versions, this version of Raze is made up of an Aliens mode and a Humans mode, in the same manner, you can see different modes in Super Smash Flash 2 game which can be downloaded and played in offline mode. The good news is that this version has a brand new mode called the Zombies mode. All a player has to do is fight his or her way through the Aliens and Humans mode in order to unlock the Zombies mode. The player then has to kill all the enemies so as complete the achievements and earn loads of gold. He or she can use the gold to buy new gear, upgrade weapons, and also unlock newer abilities inside the shop.

The key controls in Raze 4 are just like those of the previous versions. A player can use the “A”, “D”, “S” and “W” keys to move his or her character around the map. The player can also use the arrow buttons. Aiming and shooting one’s weapon is done using the mouse. To make the character jump, all the player has to do is press the spacebar. He or she can toggle through weapons by pressing the “Enter” and “Shift” keys, the “Q” and “E” keys, or the digits 1 to 0 on the keyboard. This task can also be done using the mouse wheel. If the player wishes to pause the game, all he or she has to do is press the “P” button.

Game Levels:

There are more levels in Raze 4 when compared to earlier versions. For example, there are more than 20 levels in the Humans campaigns for the player to complete. Every one of these levels consists of four difficulty modes: ‘very easy’,’ easy’, ‘hard’ and ‘nightmare’. The initial ten levels in the Humans campaign are perceived as the tutorial levels. It is in these levels that the player gets to learn Raze 4’s basic concept, a number of abilities, and how to use weapons.

As soon as the player has completed all the levels found in the Humans campaign, he or she can unlock the Aliens mode. The mode has more than 15 different levels as well as four difficulty modes. When the player completes the Aliens campaign, he or she can unlock and move on to the Zombies mode. The player comes face-to-face with hoards of zombies in the mode, and can complete the game by killing all of them.