Uphill Rush 3

Uphill Rush 3Uphill Rush 3 is a racing game unlike Tetris unblocked, with many crazy vehicles to pilot and courses to explore. As you beat each course, the newer, more difficult courses open. There are two ways to race each course as well, a solo time-trial against the clock, and race mode where you compete against computer-controlled characters. With either model, you are given six lives to make through three events. Miss landing a jump or crash into a wall, and you lose a life.
The controls are simple to learn, as you can go backward and forwards to do tricks, and even spin the vehicle around. The up arrow will accelerate, back for reverse. Your right arrow will lean you forward and the left arrow will lean back. The space bar allows you to jump or do a stunt. The X key is a turbo boost, the P key is to pause the game and the M key displays the map.