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Plazma Burst third version and first glance

Plazma Burst third version and first glance
Who is up to playing some good old shooting flash games? Plazma Burst 3 – is the latest version of the game, with tons of new features and additions, new weapons, new levels, new opportunities and many more.

First of all I have to talk about start menu of the game, where you have following options: campaign, settings, multiplayer, credits, official website and play coolbuddy games. Of course I understand that some of these features are useless for you, so let’s focus on the main things.

Campaign – the very first options and of course the main option is where the story line goes, where you have to examine whole new world of Plazma Burst 3, defeat enemies, kill bosses, get weapons/upgrades and finally finish game.

nearly all weapons from the gameWhile playing you will collect different equipments, some of them are pretty cool and they allow your character to become strong, you may also get different achievements and if you want you can try to complete difficult achievements just for fun.

Campaign also has custom map function. If you will press escape during the game, you will find different buttons, one of them is restart function, if your game doesn’t go so well, you can start over again. You can also change quality of the game (graphics) and controls of the game, just select your preferred buttons and you are good to go.

Multiplayer option allows you to play against other gamers worldwide, as soon as you will click this button in the game, you will be redirected on the official web-site, register your account and join other people for some shooting action fun.

Game controls and graphic settings can be changed from the menu like I have said before, if you have experience of lag just visit this section and lower quality of the game, if you will feel discomfort with buttons, again visit same section and change buttons again.

The game is pretty interesting and fun to play, it has many levels, it has a multiplayer option, an interesting storyline, and interesting enemies as well as weapons and upgrades. Also, try Tank Trouble 3 at https://tanktrouble3.club/