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Academic Proofers

Why are academic proofers so important?

proofersAcademic writing requires that you write in a very specific style and that your writing is both accurate and completely free of any errors at all. While during high school you may get your work returned covered in a few red pen marks highlighting your mistakes; as you get into higher levels of education your work could be rejected outright just for a spelling mistake that you have missed. The standards for higher papers, dissertations and theses are very high and any mistakes will see your work returned or even rejected outright. This is why you may need to use our proofers to provide you with academic proofreading services.

Our proofers are fully qualified to help

Academic proof reading and editing is not something that you can expect to be done successfully by just anyone. We work hard to ensure that the staff that we select and use are of the highest quality to ensure that the services that they provide are also of the highest standard. Proofreading for students at any level is not easy and requires dedication and knowledge of the subject as well as just how to proof the work. Our proofers are highly qualified and experienced:

proofreading for studentsProfessionally qualified proofreaders and also academic editors

proofreading for studentsHigher degree qualified in a subject area relevant to the field of the work being proofed

proofreading for studentsFull understanding of academic formatting requirements

proofreading for studentsA native English speaker from an English speaking country

How will our academic proofreading services help you?

academic proofreading servicesOur academic proofreader is not just going to throw your work into a piece of software and then send back your work. They will methodically work their way through your writing to identify any errors in your writing such as spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, incorrect grammar use and poor formatting. Our academic editors will also look at all other aspects of your writing such as your transitions, your word choice and the structure of your writing and will identify all improvements that they feel would make your writing better. Your document will be returned to you as a marked up draft for you to review and to accept the changes that you agree with. Should you feel that more is required you are entitled to unlimited revisions.

We are confident that our academic editors will provide you what you need

We offer fully guaranteed academic proofreading and editing through our highly qualified and experienced proofers. We ensure that you will always get the very best as we not only provide the best staff but also the very best support with regards to all aspects of our service. We provide you with:

academic editorsAround the clock ordering and support

academic editorsHighly affordable and totally confidential help

academic editorsPlagiarism testing to confirm work is unique

academic editorsOn time delivery and a quick turnaround

academic editorsA full money back guarantee based on your satisfaction

Type of work:
Service Type:
Number of Pages:

Turnaround/Level Bachelor Master Doctorate
7 days $5.60
10+ days $4.67
5 days $6.53
4 days $7.46
3 days $8.40
48 hours $9.33
24 hours $10.26

So if you want your academic papers or other documents to be error free, just contact our qualified proofers here today for the very best editing and proofreading!